VR Work For You
Show Room/Commercial Space
Supporting Facilities
Real Estate Marketing Tool
Interior Design/Architecture Design
Product Design
To do a walk in the report 
Internet OF Things/Home Building Materials
Product Effect Display 
Product Features Real-Life Experience
Custom Fitting /information Gathering/
Man Machine Interface
Interactive Data Back Clearly Visible
Multi-Platform Display  ·   Full Internet Marketing
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  ________          Multi-platform Applications, Full Spread        ________
To Achieve A New Era Of Real Estate Marketing
HDREAM Advantage
HDREAM VR - Excellent Resource Integration
Top Architecture Office Experience
Professional Designers Team Content To Control  
Sources To Control The Quality Of The Content Design
Content Is The Core Of VR Experience, Designer Dream Home Team Let Each VR Experience Into A Visual Feast.
Design Service
Only Units Or Products, The Lack Of VR Scene Content? HDREAM Comes Home Design!
Advantage Technical Team
Multi-technology Platform Structures/Self Development
Showroom multi-platform development capabilities
Multi-platform Development To Provide A Variety Of Technical Solutions, Flexibility To Meet Different Needs.
Hardware Support
For Different Functional Requirements, To Provide Hardware + Content Integration Solutions. Support The Market Mainstream VR Hardware.
Data Information Interaction Manager
BIM Experience Helps To Create Interactive Data Link
Instant Virtual Experience Interactive Scenes
Custom Decoration, Product Color, Model, Material Selection And Other Needs, Through Immediate Experience Real-time Acquisition.
Background data acquisition record
During The VR Interaction By Implanting An Option To Record User Behavior, etc., Data Acquisition, And Retention Through The Background Site.
Product Features
     Virtual Space Roaming       
VR Space Roaming 
Space Roaming Scenario Is Virtual Reality Core Carrier, DREAM Offers A Variety Of Scenarios Production Methods.
  Virtual Reality Scene - Scene (Building \ Interior)Design
                                                                     - Design Information Collection And Collection  
  Real Scene - Live 3D Panoramic Camera\3D Scanning Scene
Man Machine Interface
Real Time Information Collection
Real Time Rendering Of DIY Effect  
Human Computer Interaction In VR Scene 
  Multi-Program Interactive Experience - Several Sets Of Options For How To Display
Virtual Experience At The Same Time Display A Full Range Of Design,
Products To Meet Customer Demand For DIY
  Tracking Motion Capture - With Human Tracking Device Allows You To Achieve A Variety Of Interactive Action
    Data Collection - With VR Real-Time Interactive Experience,
VR Dream Home Can Be More Intuitive To Collect User Feedback Data
  Manage Data - Custom Background Data Management System For Easy Data Management And Output
Environmental Simulation  
BIM Intuitive Information Display 
Dynamic Simulation Environment
With The Construction Of Information Technology BIM + VR
We Achieved A Number Of Functions In The Virtual Environment Simulation Scenarios
  Environment Simulation -Sunlight Simulation
                                                  -Lighting Simulation
                                              -Noise Simulation
  BIM Simulation - BIM + VR Obtained Is More Intuitive Presentation Of Information
UE4 Production · The Presentation At Your Fingertips
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Photo-Performance Materials\True To The Light
Give You An Unprecedented Real-Life Experience
Content Experience
PC UE4 Model Room 
PC UE3 Model Room
Mobile VR
APP House 
Immersive Environment
95% 52% 11%
Realistic Scene 90% 41% 25%
Furniture Interaction 89% 58%
Real Light System  85%
HDREAM Whole Process Service 
Custom Content
No Scene Design ?
DOMAIN Provides Integrated Design

Custom Functions

Motion Simulation/Interactive Simulation/
Product Features Simulation
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Service Period

Demand Clear, Material Preparation Complete,
The Fastest Three Days To Complete VR Content Production.

Consulting Services

Do Not Understand VR? Contact Us
Commissioner For VR Counseling Services.

Hardware Purchase/Rent

Provide Hardware Procurement Services
Provides Leasing Services

Background Data Record

VR is not just an immersive viewing experience
It is the best man-machine interactive virtual scene
Collect user data effective data management is essential

Field Service

Venue Preparation/Equipment Commissioning/
VR Product Training

More Services

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